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The cost and complexities of managing HR administrative services continues to grow every year. Taxes, insurance, workers' compensation and other costs are increasing, while regulations and requirements are in constant flux. Companies find it difficult to stay abreast of all of the regulatory changes.

By bringing  in Signature Staff Resources as the employer of record, companies are able to significantly reduce the time, cost, and confusion associated with these HR functions. IES operates as your back-office, simplifying administrative duties through a number of HR-related services, including:

  • Management of employee benefits, including health, vacation, holiday and sick leave.
  • Processing of unemployment and worker's compensation claims
  • Wage & hour compliance
  • Response to employment and wage verification
  • Employee notification of policy and procedural changes


PreCheck has exclusively focused on serving the healthcare industry since 1993, and currently provides its full suite of background screening and employment qualification services to healthcare organizations across the United States. Our services are designed to support human resources, medical staff services, and compliance job functions at healthcare facilities as well as administrators for health science programs at colleges and universities.







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