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Employer Services

Healthcare staffing and recruiting is our specialty

  • We work with recent graduates, passive and active candidates who are experienced healthcare professionals to ensure that our candidates will match to your specifications and requirements.
  • Our candidates are of the highest caliber with outstanding credentials and we will adhere to the fact that they are knowledgeable in their chosen profession so that you, the client, are presented with only the cream of the crop in such professions as nurses, physicians, allied health, pharmacists, nurse practioners, physician assistants, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical sales.

MedHealth Recruiting provides many services to our clients that ensure you are receiving only the best of the best

  • The services that we offer are the best around as we will assist to find you that next great candidate. You may contact us today at (812) 704-5488 and let us assist you in finding exceptional talent and are ready to meet the challenges that will enable us to search for the perfect candidate for you on a national scale even as the healthcare shortage continues to climb in the coming years. We won't rest on our laurels, we will go to great lengths to ensure that our sourcing of candidates is done ethically and are presented to you in a professional manner.

Our Fees

  • Contingency- When conducting this type of search, once an agreement is in place, we will source candidates and conduct a preliminary background check (licensing, references) and once a candidate is offered a condition of employment.  Only the top three candidates will be presented to you.  No fee is charged unless we place a candidate.  We offer a 90 day guarantee, which means if the candidate hired does not work out we will replace that candidate at no charge.
  • Retained- Searches are conducted for multiple positions, hard to find candidate (high end specialty physicians), senior executives.  Once an agreement is signed one-third the fee is due, once 90 days is reached another one-third is due, with the remainder due within 30 days of the candidate working.  A 90 day guarantee also applies to this type of search.










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